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Hey I'm Rosie, an aspiring web and software developer based in Sydney Australia. That is, I code websites and apps and aim to make them look fantastic, functional and usable across all platforms of media. I enjoy front-end development although my ultimate goal in my career is to be a full stack developer and/or be a project manager. I also have a strong interest in UI/UX design.

I started coding when I was 15 and had a Tumblr blog. I loved the idea of creating a theme page, photography and creating content. In school, this was my hobby and I pursued studying IT at TAFE and at the University of Technology Sydney to make it my career. I never looked back since.

At this present day, I am currently interested in work . I'd love to work on creative tech projects that involve design and code. I'm actively looking for work for companies who work for a purpose, that have impactful goals and that allow room for self improvement. I'm looking for Graduate roles!

Interesting facts about me:

In my spare time I play video games, walk to places and binge watch Netflix! At the moment I'm learning Japanese as a spoken language and learning how to be a better photographer. I'm currently the president of ProgSoc and the vice president of the Interaction and Games Design Society at UTS, together both highlight my interest in social change and building a better university experience for people.

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I've been experimenting with a range of tech frameworks and libraries and came across Gatsby! I'm in love with how fast and easy it is to use and host on Netlify. Before discovering React, I was into Angular and Ionic and decided to give it a go. It is still considered a dead project, but I really want to live it up eventually. I was also involved with other projects as well through small open source groups. Of which I can't showcase yet, because they are all in dev mode. Below are some of the projects I've been working on.

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